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Our Japanese restaurant's loyal customers have spoken. Ten-Ichi in San Francisco, California, has created a specific menu that features all of our diner favorites. We have also included our signature combination plates and specials on our menu as well. Check out our tasty meals below.

Ten-Ichi Favorites

(Served with Miso Soup & Rice)

Chicken Kara-Age Dinner—$15
Boneless Chicken Marinated in White White, Fried & Teriyaki glazed
Add White Meat—$2.00

Chicken Nanban Dinner--$16                                                     Boneless chicken fried with green onions, crisp vegetables in a sweet tangy, slight spicy cilantro sauce

Homemade Japanese Chicken Curry--$16                                         Big chunks of sweet potatoes, chicken, carrots, slow cooked in our delicious Japanese curry over brown rice. Comfort food!                        Add Katsu to the dish $4             

Vegetables Saute—$15                                                              Veggies & Tofu Stir Fry with Garlic, Sake, & Soy                              Add White Meat Chicken—$2.50, Add Prawns—$4.00

Mom's Spicy Salmon Nabe                                                           Salmon, vegetables, tofu, clear noodles, cilantro, garlic, ginger, vinegar, spice in soy dashi broth--$16.5

Yaki Udon--$16                                                                           Sauteed Udon with Vegetables garlic, ginger,cilantro, touch of oyster sauce.  Add Chicken--$2.5     Add Prawns--$4.

Ginger Vegetables—$14
Veggies & Tofu Stir Fried with Clear Noodle, Ginger, & Sweet Sauce. Add beef $2.5

Combination Dinners

White Meat Substitution, Add $1

Tempura & Chicken Teriyaki or Karaage—$18.5

Tempura & Beef Teriyaki—$20

Tempura & Sushi or Sashimi—$23

Chicken Teriyaki & Sushi or Sashimi—$22

Salmon Teriyaki & Sushi or Sashimi—$25

Sushi Dinners

Nigiri Dinner--$30                                                                        Maguro, shrimp, unagi, hamachi, tai, salmon, two pcs Chef's selection and Fresh California Roll

Veg Nigiri--$23                                                                             Eggplant nigiri, seaweed salad, shiitake mushroom, inari, steam veg roll and veg tempura roll

Chirashi--$28                                                                             Assorted Sashimi atop sushi rice                                                     

Sashimi Dinners

Maguro Sashimi Dinner-- $28                                         

Maguro and Hamachi Sashimi Dinner--$30  

Salmon and Tuna Sashimi Dinner $29 

Assorted Sashimi Dinner--$37

Izakaya tapas and Sushi Specials

Albacore Carpaccio--$15                                                                   thin slices of albacore sashimi in soy, Cilantro, Garlic, & Sesame Sauce                                   

Firecracker Hamachi --$16                                                                     Slices of Hamachi Sashimi, Sliced Jalapeno, Spicy Aioli Seared, & Splashed with Yuzu

Bonito tartare--$14                                                                             thin slices of bonito sashimi with dried bonito flakes, grated daiko in yuzu kosho                                                  

Butta Pheeesh--$15                                                                         Upon availability. Miso and sake marinated escolar (butterfish) baked to perfection

Hamachi Kama $14.5                                                                     Grilled yellowtail collar.  So fresh

Salmon kama $9.75                                                                       smaller salmon collar

Da Kine--$15                                                                                      Mini Hawaiian tuna pose, hiyashi wakame, fresh mango atop furikake rice topped with tobiko and quail egg

Lemon Butta Scallop--$12                                                                 Pair of Seared Hokkaido scallop in shallot lemon butter, miso sauce

Tako-yaki--$8.5                                                                           Octopus meatballs with QP, tonkatsu sauce, bonito flakes

Shishito pepper tempura--$8                                                         served with black bean tensuyu

Curry Brown Fried rice with chicken and vegetables side--$9

Mni ramen salad --9.75                                                                            with seafood and seaweed salad in wasabi vinaigrette

Sashimi Appetizer (Six Pieces), Choice of Two Different Fish: Maguro, Hamachi, Sake, or Albacore—$16

Tuna Poke - $15.5

Salmon Wasabi Poke- $15.5

Fresh Sushi for You to Enjoy

Complete your meal by ordering one or more of our sushi items. Our sushi menu is filled with all types of yummy creations.